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September, 2022

Happy News! Happy Catering Invites You To Join Our Journey

How we started and where we plan to go next!

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Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash (Maybe this photo could be more related to Networking, but hey, it’s super cool, right?)

We’re pretty happy with how things turned out. From humble beginnings to the momentum we’ve picked up in recent times. We want to share out story and make everyone feel included. Togetherness and honesty are a large part of our core beliefs and the reason why we opened Happy Catering.

Our Story So Far

Our Keeper of Good Looks, Marcus, like the easy-going fellow he is, loves chatting people up.

Marcus, may his beauty be forever preserved, met a couple of folks who ran a cafe, but they were getting a little too old to make all the work, so in exchange for servicing the cafe with great snacks, they allowed Marcus to use their kitchen and launch his catering company. No initial investment whatsoever, only a tiny royalty on Marcus’ revenue. Also, some equipment was missing, plus, you know, you need to buy food to make food.

But one thing was missing. Marcus didn’t want to do it alone. Opening and running a catering can be a daunting task, and one you should always face in good company.

Here’s Why

It’s a simple concept, primordial too. We’re social beings. We lose out minds when left alone for too long. If we didn’t, solitary confinement wouldn’t be the stuff of nightmares.

The same happens with complex tasks–the more challenging the job we set ourselves on, the more help we’ll need. And be warned, opening a food business, unless it’s something super simple like a hotdog stand (and even that can quickly turn into a nightmare), will be incredibly hard.

If you ever heard about lone individuals having great success, it’s either because they are massive narcissists and hog all the attention or their partners don’t want to be in the spotlight.

Along Came The Sunshine

For years, Dzintars, our Happiness and Mindfulness Guru, searched for ways to open a catering where he would enjoy spending his days and bring the focus back to the food he was making and not micromanaging everyone and every other economic detail and blah, blah, blah. He dreamed of creating the Google headquarters of the catering world.

Through networking, Dzintars found a dude who pointed him to another dude who said, “Hey, there’s this good-lookin’ fellow who needs someone to run a cantina for a couple of weeks.”

Dzintars jumped at the opportunity and met Marcus… and jumped right out. It was not love at first sight, if we’re to be honest. Marcus, however, wasn’t ready to throw the towel, and Dzintars’ ideas kept bouncing around his head. So he followed up by taking Dzintars for coffee to learn more about this Happy thingamajig he kept blabbing about.

It just made so much sense. Marcus had a kitchen ready, plus hard-earned economic and culinary expertise, and Dzintars, a Guru with the ability to treat your taste buds like they’re having a day at the spa with full body massage, had the concept. It was a win-win from any angle.

A Happy Catering

Happy Catering would still be a dream if Marcus hadn’t been so insistent. And for the rest of us at Happy Catering, we’re very happy that he did. It’s not every day that you get to work in a fun and inclusive kitchen.

And to top it all off, our demand is on the rise. And why wouldn’t it be? We absolutely crush it at making great food and delivering it right to your table. In recent times we moved to a larger facility and strapped several big gigs under our

We still have room to grow–plenty of ambition, too–and invite anyone willing to try a new way of experiencing a great meal to reach out to us and see for yourself what Happy Catering is all about.

You can easily reach us right here.