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Translate all sections to NOR, and prepare all the necessary information.

RENTAL (staff, Equipment,Venues)
PARTNERS (texts, info, logos, photos etc.)
ABOUT US (texts, info, logos, photos etc.)

for product descriptions, come up with texts that are the same for all products (delivery or order instructions etc)

You will have a space where to add individual descriptions for each product.

*Privacy Policy
*Terms and conditions
*Refund Policy

You can find samples of these things on the internet, just put in your own names, addresses etc.
Each country has its own rules. Search Norway.
But I guess you can copy from (you have it already, just change some basic details)


Website set up and completed by early August:
As we get deeper into your product and understand more details, €3500 is a sum for which I would be happy to do all the necessary work perfectly. 

I have no idea how much time I will have to devote to make sure you are able to do everything on your own.

If a lot more will be added to my to do list, I will add at least 500€ to invoice.
If you will ask for some hard tasks, I will tell before doing if it will cost more, so you can agree or disagree.

As we agreed with Dzintars that you will add products yourself.


  • Logo and business cards DESIGN – 340€ 
    Cloudflare (CDN) connection – 30€ (one-time fee, lifetime service) this is for site speed
    SSL certificate – 25€ (lifetime) – SSL certificates are used to create an encrypted channel between the client and the server. Transmission of such data as credit card details, account login information, any other sensitive information has to be encrypted.
  • Email: free

MONTHLY PAYMENTS (if you choose your website hosting with me):

Option 1: 25 € / month – hosting, security (this is what I provide)

Option 2: 40 € / month – website maintenance, security, regular checking, updating, improving, adding news. Here you can always contact me for help with your website.

SEO services: 40 € / month

(I will work with content on your website to make it better for search engines, products included). If you do a Google search, you will see that this is a very cheap offer. Even in Latvia, companies offer this service for €100-5000 per month.

I’m not a professional in SEO, but in a little over a year I’ve learned a few tricks that will help a lot!

More about the programmes when we are closer to the end of the project.

Website development:  ≈ €3500
Logo and business cards DESIGN – 340€ 
Cloudflare (CDN) connection – 30€
SSL certificate – 25€

If something I’ve written seems unacceptable or incomprehensible, feel free to tell me.